This is the timber framed  building which is the background for the website from a different angle.

The rafters shown were double glazed and the building became a large kitchen, en suite bathroom and utility room.

All was then clad in European oak. A bit of a carpenters dream job to be honest

A very contemporary wardrobe made to a customer's design (well a design found on the internet), in MDF. MDF (medium density fibreboard) has quite a bad name but it is stable, it does not split or crack and it takes a good paint finish.

This wardrobe is 2.4m wide and houses shelves, drawers and hanging space.

One of the problems in having a builder or "Jack of all trades" to fit a kitchen can be that they are no at all keen on the finishing or fiddly jobs.

This is a boiler cupboard in MDF  with pipe boxing behind. The door can be completely removed for servicing and panels can be removed to access valves etc.

A small bookcase with cupboard below. The cupboard houses the gas and electricity meters; the gas main runs up the inside of the bookcase (hidden) into the ceiling.

This piece was made to mirror another on the other side of a fireplace and was made to  dimensions to house the clients record collection


I usually make bookcases with adjustable shelves which sit on hidden nibs.

A bookcase in 18mm & 25mm MDF. I like to keep the bays to  a maximum of 600mm to avoid the shelves bowing.

In the past I have also made this model with cupboards in the lower section. Another option is down lighting with 6mm toughened glass shelves for display. I like to leave a shadow gap between the top of a piece and the ceiling, this draws the eye away from any ceiling deviations.

I build sheds and summerhouses either to your requirements or from bought flatpacks.