The Oxfordshire Carpentry Company - Carpenters and Joiners
Terms and Conditions

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The Oxfordshire Carpentry Company to be referred to as “The Contractor”, the customer who commissions the contract to be known as “The Client”.  The Oxfordshire Carpentry Company is not V.A.T. registered.

1. Quotations.
Where practicable all contracts will be priced to a fixed quotation. Where a contract has unknown quantities or possible unknown extra work, an estimate will be provided. Both quotations and estimates are fixed for 30 days. On acceptance of quotation or estimate the client is to pay the contractor 50% of the contract value as a deposit.

Upon payment of the deposit both the client and contractor are bound by these Terms and Conditions. If no deposit is paid both the client and contractor are bound by these Terms and Conditions on acceptance of a quotation or estimate.

 Any quotation or estimate does not include parking charges which will be charged in addition unless parking permits are supplied by the client.

2. Title. 
All goods on site, including fitted goods or fixed goods and joinery remain the property of the contractor until such time that the complete contract has been paid for in full including any extra work.

Interim payments may be required and will be scheduled upon acceptance of the quotation.

3. Health and Safety.
Where present the contractor assumes the provision of running water, toilet facilities and 240v electricity. The contractor reserves the right to charge for the above in addition to the quotation if not provided.

4. Planning legislation.
The contractor shall not be liable for any works carried out at the instruction of the client if that work requires planning or other consents, which the client has not obtained. The client is responsible for ensuring all planning and any required listed building permission has been obtained before commencement of work and for the signing off of such work by the relevant authority.

5. Disclaimer.
The contractor’s quotations or estimates only include carpentry and joinery. Any quotation or estimate does not include painting or any other decoration, filling etc, or any work of allied trades or disposal of any items belonging to the customer including items removed from a property as part of the contract.

The contractor will not be responsible for any warping, twisting or movement of fitted joinery or timber products due to the lack of painting or decoration to industry standards or to the manufacture's recommendations and will not accept any liability. The contractor will not be held liable for timber products being used in the wrong manner or atmospheric conditions.

6. Extra work.
All variations or extra work to the contract to be agreed before commencement. Where possible a quotation will be supplied or, if this is not practicable as Day Work at £50.00 an hour and materials at cost + 15%.

7. Remedial works. 
The contractor will return to site to rectify a problem up to 12 months from the completion of any contract with the exception of the terms laid out in part 5 of this document. The client must point out any complaints as soon as possible after they have been identified. The contractor will not be responsible for any invoices or other expenses from the client for any third party tradesperson or professional to correct work, comment on work, or give professional advice on work or the contract or any legal fees in respect of the contract or work.

8. Payment.
All accounts are to be paid upon presentation of an invoice. Any costs regarding debt recovery and court fees will be met by the customer. The contractor reserves the right to charge interest of 7% above The Bank of England lending rate on late accounts. The contractor reserves the right to charge for consequential loss regarding late payment.

9. Liability.
The contractor’s total liability in connection with the contract shall be no more than the initial quotation or estimate price.

10. Working Times.
The quotation or estimate is given on the assumption that the site can be accessed between 08.00 and 17.00 Monday – Friday.

The contractor will not be liable for any claim or claims made against him regarding contract starting and finishing times. The contractor reserves the right to charge the client for out of pocket expenses regarding missed appointments, cancelled work, or lack of access.